Can I try the software for free?

Yes, you can download and try software for 30 days for free.

Does the software work in Windows 8?

Yes, the software works on Microsoft Windows 8.1, 7, VISTA and XP.

Do you ship to Australia?

We do ship worldwide.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, please contact us at for details.

Tell me more about two monitor settings

Two computer monitors can be setup and used while running the Calmlink Pro or Lite program. One monitor can display the graph, and the other monitor can be used to display animations and games. This is useful for training or biofeedback research. Discuss more about this setup in the Calmlink Support Forum.

Do you have Calmlink software for the iPad?

Unfortunately the iPad does not have an external microphone input that could be connected to the GSR2. The internal microphone can pick up the signal from the GSR2, however it will be quite noisy and would be quite hard to control it. If you are interested in running the software on a tablet PC, you can use HP Slate tablet that runs Windows OS and the GSR2 can be connected via the USB connection using the external USB Sound Card.

Can Calmlink work on Apple Mac?

It is possible to run Calmlink on Mac OS. You'd need to run a virtual machine software (VirtualBox for example) that will run a Microsoft Windows OS as a virtual machine. You can use the USB External Sound Card to connect the GSR2 to your Mac. You may want to discuss this on the Calmlink Support Forum.