Complete GSR2 Calmlink Lite System

The GSR2 with CD-ROM

The small, hand-held and self contained GSR2 is a Galvanic Skin Response monitoring device for home biofeedback. The GSR2 precisely monitors your stress levels by translating tiny tension-related changes in skin conductance into a rising or falling tone. By resting two fingers on the sensing plates you learn to lower the pitch and your stress level.

Biofeedback with the GSR2 gives you this unique dual monitoring capability to help you take your relaxation response deeper. Knowing your physical reactions helps you can change your responses. The GSR2 measures changes in autonomic nervous system activity by measuring subtle changes in the moisture of your fingers, the often discussed Galvanic Skin Response. Learning how to warm your hands has been shown to improve blood pressure and increase the relaxation response.

Calmlink Lite Features:

  • Two level thresholds
  • Customizable Graphs
  • Windows Media Player Playlist support - play your favorite music during relaxation training.


Game Mode

This mode allows you to play a game while trying to relax. When you  become calmer, the game progresses so you can hit the pins. If you become more tense, the game it will take longer to finish the game. By playing the game, you will  learn to handle your stress in difficult situations in your life.

The following games are included:

Calmlink Lite Bowling Game

Animation Mode

The Nature animation allows you to visualize the relaxation technique. The following animations are included:

Calmlink Lite Animation

The Complete GSR2 Calmlink Lite System includes:

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