Calmlink Pro Software

Easy to use biofeedback software for professional and home environment for Microsoft Windows 7, VISTA or XP!

Calmlink Pro Software

Calmlink Pro Features

  • Highly customizable graphic displays. The graphic display configurations can be saved as files that you can transfer from one computer to another.
  • Graphic animation tied to relaxation:

Calmlink Pro Animations
  • You or your customer can play games while trying to relax:
Calmlink Pro Games
  • Session data recording for further processing in Excel or other programs.
  • Allows to save/open customized graph configurations.
  • Two level (upper and lower) thresholds.
  • Calmlink Pro can be used in dual-monitor setup: One monitor can setup to view the graph, and another monitor can be used for the displaying animations and games. This setting can be used in a professional environment (biofeedback provider - customer).
  • Windows Media Player Playlist support - play your favorite music during relaxation or create instructional sessions.
  • Play games that are easily configured and tied to relaxation.
  • The CD version includes two instructional audio lessons so you can listen them on your PC or any popular mp3 player
  • BONUS: The CD includes software to create your own animations and use them in Calmlink Pro.
Add a GSR2 or GSR2/Temp2X biofeedback device and Calmlink Optical Cable or buy a Complete Calmlink Pro + GSR2 System.

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